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Autumn Is Here: Five Ways To Fall Back Into You

Autumn is here! The wonderful season of leaves, cool breezes, and pumpkin spice is upon us. I love the drop in temperatures and I have my knee boots on standby ready to pop them out! The older I get, the more I realize that the change in seasons mean more than just the weather and outfits. Each new season is a new chance for possibilities, lessons, and growth. As the leaves fall from the trees, so should our old habits and thoughts.

Our environments change in color, temperature, daylight, and more. So why can't we do the same in our personal lives. Our minds, health practices, lifestyles, and career aspects can all use a season of growth. Is change easy? Hell no! Is change necessary for growth? Absolutely! So here are some of my tips of how you can fall back into yourself this season and beyond.

Take time to pause: Use this new season to reflect on what's going well in your life. Consider how you can continue to maintain the areas that are going well. But also reflect on where you can improve. What needs more attention? What can you do to make those improvements or small changes in the increments of 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and beyond?

Get back to yourself: As the days move along, many of us lose or forget about those things that once gave us high interests, empowerment, and peace. It's inevitable. But that doesn't mean that you have to keep it that way. Write down 5 things that you used to enjoy in order of their importance to you. From there, consider how you can gradually incorporate those favorite things back into your lifestyle. For example, I love to double-dutch! Since high school I have not been able to simply enjoy it and to simply "play" outside. But now I can incorporate it for not only my leisure fun but also as a health routine.

Check your health: Sometimes we remain on "go" for so long that we neglect our own health needs. Now is the time to make the appointment to checkout those reoccurring headaches or to join an exercise class/gym based on your doctor's recent recommendations. The important thing is to make this lifestyle change for yourself in order to see the best improvement. Do it for your own longevity on this earth. Do it for your family. Whether it's scheduling your annual physical, incorporating more exercise, or even drinking less alcohol; it's all for the best. The "Hot Girl Summer" is over and it's now, "Check Your Engine Light" Fall! Proceed accordingly because whether you do it or not, your body will make you have several seats when it wants to.

Pour into your cup: Feel that cool breeze, pour up that pumpkin spice whatever, or watch the leaves fall from the trees. It's time to get back to your peace. That's right, get back to your "me time" and your self-care needs. A new season calls for change and that change involves you re-filling your cup! Each week you should look at your calendar events and tasks. Schedule your "me time" every week. Have at least 30 minutes but an hour is even better. It can be as "small" as reading a book in peace and quiet or going for a walk outside. Do what works for your lifestyle and what fits into your budget. Self-care does not have to involve money either. Look around your home to find unfinished craft projects, books never read, new magazines, etc to enjoy. Or get your cell phone out; and search for new podcasts, blogs, or YouTube channels to indulge in for your wellness.

Push those dreams out: The start of autumn also brings about the fourth quarter in business. But besides that, it's a great time to regain your focus on those dreams and goals. Write out or create a new vision board; or S.M.A.R.T. goal list to itemize how you will bring your dream to fruition. Many people come to me inquiring about their dream of being a published author and finally writing their book. But sadly, some never achieve it. But time waits for no one. If you have that idea or dream, then it's time to pursue it. You can map out small steps to begin this fall. Such small steps can include establishing a business name, registering the business with your state, obtaining your EIN number and more. If writing is your dream it would be great to start writing your story outline, create a storyboard, buy your ISBN number, and start your business social media pages to create your book buzz.

So use this new season to do YOU. Fall back into yourself and make changes for the better. Everyone's lifestyle has their own aspects but small acts of change are still possible in all environments. It's has to start with you. You are the changemaker. You have the power. So do it! Falling back into you aligns with better wellness. I'm all for it and I love to see it. Let's continue to do wellness, collectively.

All images are courtesy of Canva Pro.

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