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Ease Into The New Year With Peace And Mindfulness

The New Year will serve as a fresh start and will evoke goal setting and positive change within individuals. Often individuals establish new intentions by making New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year. According to Discover Happy Habits, 75% of people are successful in keeping their resolutions after one week. But after one month of resolutions, that statistical rate drops to 64%. So how can we ease into the New Year with new intentions and new habits?

I always invite others to start by taking a moment to pause, close your eyes, and breathe comfortably. According to licensed social worker, JaVon Townsend, there are many other methods for your New Year goal setting and positive change within your life. “Take a breath in for 4-6 count, then out for the same count, and repeat for a few rounds while observing how you feel," JaVon suggests. This is one of many guided prompts in Peaceful Plants: A Mindfulness Coloring Book by JaVon Townsend, LCSW-C. As a lover of art, nature, and mindfulness, she was inspired to curate this coloring book. This book wonderfully captures nature's beauty and peace, while offering readers a variety of guided meditations, reflection questions, and coloring pages to help them practice mindfulness.

“Mindfulness helps me to be in the present and stay connected to joy,” she continues. Hula hooping, meditative walks, and other mindfulness practices have been essential to enriching JaVon's well-being. The benefits of mindfulness include stress reduction, increased awareness and attention to the present moment, which support individuals in managing their lives more effectively.

As the Founder of Jubilee Counseling and Wellness, LLC, JaVon is passionate about connecting with others. Using mindfulness, movement, art, restorative play, and workshops, she offers therapeutic group experiences that strengthen the mind-body connection. It is her mission to create safe spaces where people can reconnect with themselves, build healthy relationships with others, and cultivate joy. JaVon’s top three wellness tips for 2023 are: staying hydrated by drinking sufficient water; getting daily sunlight (even if it's for 10 minutes); and planning breaks throughout the day. Her motto is "We need rest to thrive.”

As we ease into the New Year to secure our new and refined lifestyles, go with grace and set your positive intentions. Always remember to pour back into yourself as you focus on your wellness in order to help others. To connect with JaVon Townsend, and for more information on her book and services, please visit:

FB: Jubilee Counseling and Wellness, LLC

IG : @heyjubileeco



Writer, B.White, LCSW-C is a Self-Care Advocate and Wellness Trainer. Connect with her online at @lovelightshinellc. Photo Courtesy of Abnet S. Photography

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