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Jeremy Wright On The Definition Of Love

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, especially in romantic relationships. The holiday can bring joy and strengthen feelings of love for some, but it can also bring sadness and a lack of affection for others. Jeremy Wright, author of Love and Meditation: The Keys to Manifestation encourages individuals to have a love full day by creating the love they desire within themselves.

Jeremy is a Purpose Advocate, Founder of SAGE Coaching & Co and Author. He is known for his dynamic storytelling as the author of the Peace and Purpose Series. The series features seven books designed to support readers in developing their perspective on life, attaining inner peace, and honoring their purpose. Jeremy's series was inspired by adverse experiences, including abuse, depression, and grief after the loss of two close family members to suicide.

In Love and Meditation: The Keys to Manifestation, he details how he transformed pain into peace and love. He was able to heal from trauma with therapy, meditation and self-love. To cultivate healthy love, Jeremy states "Define love, demonstrate that definition to yourself, and hold yourself and others accountable to that definition.”

For Valentine's Day, Jeremy suggests being still and visualizing how you wish to receive love. After visualizing, you can activate the love you desire by caring for yourself. This can include taking a soothing bath, writing a love letter to yourself, enjoying a delicious meal, or engaging in fun activities. For Jeremy, practicing self-love involves meditation, being in nature, and spending time with loved ones.

As a Coach and Author Jeremy’s mission is to empower people to operate at their highest potential through self-awareness. Jeremy plants seeds of love and purpose through videos on his social media platforms and the Peace and Purpose Series.

This Valentine's Day, we hope you take time to enjoy and appreciate yourself. “Love yourself, your authentic self and the rest will follow,” continues Jeremy.

To connect with Jeremy Wright, and for more information on the Peace and Purpose Series please visit:

YouTube & IG : @thesagecc



Writer, B.White, LCSW-C is a Self-Care Advocate and Wellness Trainer. Connect with her online at @lovelightshinellc.

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