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Sowing A Seed With Random Acts Of Kindness

When most people think of the month of February, Valentine’s Day is usually what comes to mind. But… did you know that there’s another day that involves extending love to the people in your home, your social circles, and even complete strangers?

February 17th is known as Random Acts of Kindness Day and February 14th-20th has been designated as Random Acts of Kindness Week. According to National Today, this extraordinary holiday was introduced in 1995 by a non-profit organization called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. The concept behind this holiday was introduced to invite people around the world to sow a seed of kindness to the people in their lives and in their communities.

Check out these three simple ways to spread kindness and love to those around you:

Exchange A Smile -

Do not underestimate how your beautiful spirit impacts those around you. Your smile may just be the key to brightening up the room or helping someone get through a tough day.

Show Gratitude -

Write a handwritten thank you note, send a short text message, or pick up the phone and call to remind someone in your life how much you appreciate them and what they mean to you.

Offer A Compliment -

The thing is…sometimes it takes a lot of effort to show up in the spaces we’re needed each and every day. Something as simple as a compliment, acknowledges the efforts for the small and big ways people show up in the world on both—their best and their worst days.

This list isn’t the end all, be all lol. Nonetheless, I hope it inspires you to consider how your words and actions have meaning and impact. You have the power to heal the world by spreading love through random acts of kindness. The best part is…it doesn’t cost a thing!

Writer, Valencia J. Wilson, LMSW, MPH, RYT is a social worker with a love for nature, art, and holistic wellness. Connect with her on IG @valencia_janee.

Content Source: National Today

Photos Courtesy of Canva Pro

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