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The Fix Your C.R.O.W.N Self-Care Experience

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting the first Fix Your C.R.O.W.N Self-Care Brunch in Baltimore, Maryland. The whole concept arose from my therapist encouraging me to practice more wellness and self-care techniques. I slowly started to focus on more "me time" in my daily schedule. The author in me, decided to share my story with other women. I didn't want it to be the typical memoir or novel so I created the Fix Your C.R.O.W.N Self-Care Activity Book! The activity book honed in on what I call the C.R.O.W.N method. C.R.O.W.N is creativity, reflection, ownership, worthiness, and novelty. Using the acronym, women can use the activity book to explore and express their creativity, plan out their self-care routines, use coloring pages, use brain dumps, and more.

But anyway, back to the self-care brunch! So based on the activity book, I hosted the self-care event. It was an intimate affair for women that included good food, a safe space, a panel discussion, icebreaker games, trivia games, shopping, and resources for wellness beyond the event. As a group we even learned that the concept of self-care was instilled historically by the Black Panther Party to help African Americans avoid the stressors of incarceration and racism. Self-care was a vital part of their Ten Point Program as well. I thought that self-care was a common factor in the lives of women but I realized that it’s not that simple for some women. Some were unaware of how to start their wellness journey while others were unsure if they needed a wellness journey. Some even thought that self-care had to involve spending money.

Our great panelist of providers included Jaree Cottman, LCSW-C; Naeemah Staggs; and Tamira Dunn, M.S. These ladies helped to debunk many self-care myths; and shed light on how mindfulness, movement, and access to resources can be the starting point to better living. The women in attendance indulged in the fact that self-care is not selfish. We collectively discussed the importance of wellness, motherhood, and overall health as a means to improving your lifestyle. We even discussed the stressors in our lives that gave us a “full plate” and openly shared ways to eliminate some stressors. The open dialogue was encouraging, inspiring, and motivational in all aspects. Not only was I filled up but every guest shared their delight in attending. I was blown away.

When planning the event I wanted to facilitate a safe space for healing, community, and wellness. I also wanted to give women take home resources to support their actionable steps beyond the event. Within each program guide, women received a QR codes for therapeutic resources in the DMV and to a self-care music playlist. I never knew that this experience would touch so many lives. I was even asked to offer more self-care events and to lead other workshops. As a social worker, I have often felt that I could not practice within my specific realm of interests and capabilities. Being an author and small business owner has allowed me to support others and practice social work on my own terms without restriction. I never dreamed of clinical work but facilitating events, workshops, and well-being are all within the scope of the MACRO practice that I adore.

So the aftermath of the event allowed me to fix my own C.R.O.W.N. as I push forward with my own dreams. I’m here to say that you can live out your dreams. You can live a life full of wellness and self-care. You can create your own seat at the table. You can! This event wasn’t my first event by any means but it’s the start to a new avenue of dreams. I may even take the Fix Your C.R.O.W.N. experience on the road and bring it to a city near you. Stay tuned for more. Be on the lookout for more blog posts too! Let’s continue to do wellness, collectively.

Photos are courtesy of C & L Productions of Above and Beyond Tha Lens

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